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undyed, color #Virgin, on the hairdressing palette 2 / the darkest natural brown

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Clip In Natural Hair Extensions

What type of hair is it?
It is a product of the highest quality. Virgin hair is natural, healthy, undyed hair that has never been chemically treated. Since it is imported hair, it is only very dark brown (almost black) in color, it is also slightly thicker in structure than our Polish hair. Designed for people who value quality and who wear their hair every day.

How long can Virgin hair be worn?
The wearing time is about 1.5 years. Their service life largely depends on proper care. Every 3 months hair should be regenerated and renewed tapes. We provide such services for a fee, hair can be sent back to us or brought in person. Regeneration in the first 6 months is necessary to maintain the warranty, the next ones will keep your hair in great condition. More about the regeneration service in the Hair regeneration tab.

What colors does Virgin hair come in?
Virgin hair is only very dark brown, almost black. As it is natural hair, undyed shades may differ slightly from each other.

They can be colored and easily lightened up to level 7. Customers praise the positive results of hair dyeing with the ombre effect. However, it should be remembered that the hair dyeing / bleaching procedure is performed at your own risk and that after performing such a procedure, the hair warranty is forfeited.

How Much Virgin Clip In Hair Do You Need For One Head?
Thickening - to thicken the hair, just use some of the tapes from the set.

Extension - to obtain a natural effect, the amount of hair extensions should be the same as our ponytail. You should grab your own hair in one hand and in the other hand extensions, if the amount is similar, the effect will be natural.
Moreover, any amount will create a volume effect. On average, for a length of 50 cm, about 100 grams of hair are needed. The longer the hair we choose, the grammage must be higher and the shorter the lower.

We sell hair sewn onto the tape with clips in sets of 100g or 120gram. Each set contains about 7 tapes:

20 cm wide, mounted on 3 clips
20 cm wide, mounted on 3 clips
20 cm wide, mounted on 3 clips
width 12 cm, mounted on 2 clips
width 12 cm, mounted on 2 clips
width 5 fastened with 1 clip
width 5 fastened with 1 clip

One set, as a rule, is enough for an extension for medium hair density. Two sets will work well with very thick hair.
It is also possible to buy 50 grams of hair on the tape without clips and order us to sew on the clips or under the tapes from the set to increase its density.

What to do to have beautiful, long hair in 5 minutes?
The Clip in method consists in attaching the hair strips to your own hair with the help of clips. The clips are sewn to the tapes and usually have a silicone sheath so that they will not slip off our head.

It is the simplest and least complicated method of hair extension, giving spectacular results.

Before installing, you should plan where the tape should be located and where it will look best.

We put wider tapes on the back of the head at different heights, while the narrower ones are attached to the sides.

Use a comb with a skewer to create an even scale, then gently tap the hair at the roots so that the clips have better grip.

The layers of attached tapes should be covered with a layer of your hair, but remember that the tape between the clips must be tightly stretched, it must not hang!

Fast and effective!

Hair color in the photo may differ from the actual color, depending on monitor / screen settings.


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