• Włosy NoName TapeOn Duo 8.34/9.0
  • Włosy NoName TapeOn Duo 8.34/9.0
  • Włosy NoName TapeOn Duo 8.34/9.0
Włosy NoName TapeOn Duo 8.34/9.0

Włosy NoName TapeOn Duo 8.34/9.0


baleyage mix, kolor #8.34/9.0, na palecie fryzjerskiej 9.03/10.31- bardzo jasny ciepły naturalny blond/najjaśniejszy złoty popielaty blond

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Tape on DUO

How should extension hair be cared for?

The care is not so complicated. The most important is intensive moisturizing, regular hair brushing and using protective measures when using thermal devices. Detailed care instructions can be found on the packaging. How long to wear your hair depends largely on proper care.

What should you remember when putting on / removing Tape On hair?

Before performing the extension treatment, our hair must be properly washed with Bond Breaker shampoo and dried. Tape should never be removed from your own hair by force, we reccomend use profesional Beauties By G remover.

How many NoName Tape On Duo hairs do you need for one head?

Thick - sometimes a small amount of hair of the same length as ours is enough, depending on the effect we want to achieve, e.g. 1 packet of 50 cm, 25 grams

Extension - to obtain a the best and natural effect, the amount of hair extensions should be the same as our ponytail. You should grab your own hair in one hand and in the other hand extensions, if the amount is similar, the effect will be natural.

Any amount will also create a volume effect. On average, for a length of 50 cm, about 100 grams of hair are needed. The longer the hair we choose, the grammage must be higher and the shorter the lower.

Hair in the Duo version can be combined with the standard Tape On, i.e. ordinary Tape On from the bottom of the tape and Tape On Duo from the top.

Example combination at 50cm:

natural effect - 100 grams of hair:

1 packet of Duo 50 grams + 1 packet of 50 grams Tape On

Hair color on photo could be different then actual color. It’s depending on the monitor settings.


30 cm 5 tape- 15 g hair

30 cm 10 tape- 30 g hair

40 cm 5 tape- 20 g hair

40 cm 10 tape 40 g hair

50 cm 5 tape- 25 gram hair

50 cm 10 tape- 50 gram hair

60 cm 5 tape- 30 gram hair


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