• Włosy NoName Mini BondesG Night&Day
  • Włosy NoName Mini BondesG Night&Day
  • Włosy NoName Mini BondesG Night&Day
Włosy NoName Mini BondesG Night&Day

Włosy NoName Mini BondesG Night&Day


ombre, kolor #Night&Day #3.0/10.3, na palecie fryzjerskiej 4.0/11.13- średni naturalny brąz/popielata złota platyna

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It is a high quality product. Our bestseller!
It is natural, imported hair with full cuticle, a little slightly thicker in structure than polish hair. After washing, they can take on a natural volume. NoName hair is straight and stylable hair. There are In regular sale. Designed for people who appreciative

quality and who wear hair every day.

In Mini bondes G method is possibility of making small keratin bondes the size of a rice grain. Additionally, due to the fact that the color of keratin is matched to the color of the hair, the bondes are almost invisible. The size of the bondes may vary depending on the batch of goods. Larger bondes can be cut to the desired size.

How long can NoName hair be worn?

The wearing time is about 1.5 years. Their service life largely depends on proper care. Every 3 months (depending on the growth rate of your own hair) hair should be removed.
Please regenerate them before putting them back on. We provide such services for a fee, hair can be sent back to us or brought to our shops. Regeneration in the first 6 months is necessary to maintain the quarantee

the next ones will keep your hair in great condition. More about the regeneration service in the Hair regeneration tab.

What colors does NoName hair come in?

They come in a wide range of colors, from light blondes, through browns to black.

How many NoName Tape On Duo hairs do you need for one head?

Thick - sometimes a small amount of hair of the same length as ours is enough, depending on the effect we want to achieve, e.g. 1 packet of 50 cm, 25 grams

Extension - to obtain a the best and natural effect, the amount of hair extensions should be the same as our ponytail. You should grab your own hair in one hand and in the other hand extensions, if the amount is similar, the effect will be natural.

Any amount will also create a volume effect. On average, for a length of 50 cm, about 100 grams of hair are needed. The longer the hair we choose, the grammage must be higher and the shorter the lower.

Hair in the Duo version can be combined with the standard Tape On, i.e. ordinary Tape On from the bottom of the tape and Tape On Duo from the top.

How should extension hair be cared for?

The care is not so complicated. The most important is intensive moisturizing, regular hair brushing and using protective measures when using thermal devices. Detailed care instructions can be found on the packaging. How long to wear your hair depends largely on proper care.

What should you remember when putting on / lifting your hair with keratin?

Before performing the extension treatment, our hair must be thoroughly washed with Bond Breaker shampoo and dried. The strands should never be pulled off your own hair by force, the professional Beauties by G remover is used for this. With proper hair removal, the strands slide off without any problem


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