• Włosy słowiańskie 16cm 13g
Włosy słowiańskie 16cm 13g

Slavic Hair 16cm 13g


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GrzechHair natural Slavic hair

What type of hair is it?
Slavic hair is the highest quality hair. With proper care, the wearing time is approx. 3 years. They have a full scale, they are healthy, delicate, shiny and, above all, light. They do not cause any problems with wearing and care. The hair is not covered with any substance, therefore it does not change after washing, it can only take on a delicate natural volume.
The ones we sell are exclusively of Polish origin, very often they are children's hair. The tassels we sell are combed in such a way as to obtain the most even ends and remove the tassels of short broken hair. After all treatments, the hair is allowed to dry naturally, thanks to which its natural structure is clearly visible. Because each tassel is cut from a different head, it is unique, has a different structure, length and weight.

Raw ponytail hair and what next?
We sell hair in a raw ponytail. After selecting a ponytail with a structure similar to your own hair, with the appropriate length and weight, you can process it according to the chosen method. If one tassel is insufficient, you can choose two or more of a similar structure. The hair can be transformed into the Tape On method, microrings, keratin, ultrasounds, Clip In and sewn onto the tape. The cost of the service depends on the length and weight of the ponytail, we can provide an approximate cost of reworking before performing the service. More about our services in the Our Services tab.

How many hairs to choose?
To thicken the hairstyle, choose a tassel with a length similar to ours. The basis weight may be small, depending on your needs.
For hair extensions, we choose the length we want to have. On average, about 100 grams of hair are put on with a length of 50 cm. The longer the hair, the more grams should be put on and the shorter the hair, the less. It is best to grab your own hair in one hand and attach it in the other, if the amount is similar, the effect will be natural, any amount will also give more volume.

How should extension hair be cared for?
Their care is not particularly troublesome, the most important is intensive moisturizing, regular brushing of the hair and the use of protective measures when using thermal devices. Detailed care instructions can be found on the packaging. The wearing time with proper care is min. 6 months, most cases up to 3 years!

Pochodzenie: Polska
Długość: 16cm

Kolor: rudy, poziom 7,8

Kolor włosów na zdjęciu, może odbiegać od koloru w rzeczywistości, w zależności od ustawień monitora.
Struktura: podatne/ lekko falowane



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